Highly Arched Feet In High Heels, Pink Toe Nails And Some Dangling

Are you interested in watching sexy and highly arched feet? If yes, then this video is for you! Enjoy looking at my freshly pedicured feet on black heels. You can see my feet dangling as I lay on the bed lazily. I like to make videos of my feet because I get lots of compliments because of them.Pink is one of my favorite colors, and that is why I put pink nail polish on my toenails today. I think it suits the black heels and flatters my skin tone too. As you can see in the first few minutes, I am simply lying on my bed with the open-toed heels on. I am doing it because it makes me feel sexy to wear heels on the bed.

Later in the video, I take off the shoes and show you my beautiful toes and pink soles. Many men praise me for my beautiful feet. So I decided to make videos of them so more people who like the sight of girls’ feet can enjoy it too. You can watch more of my feet dangling with heels on as I put my legs down from the bed.You must’ve clicked on this video because you like watching girls’ feet. And I’m happy that you found me as I enjoy entertaining people who want to see my beautiful toes and soles. I know that highly arched toes make some people excited! So I like to show off my bare feet, too, and let you see the curves that sometimes remain hidden when I wear closed shoes. I take good care of my feet and legs every day so that I can keep making these videos for my fans. You can check out my other videos, too, if you want to watch me wearing different color nail polishes and heels.