Sexy Girl In High Heeled Pumps Shows Her Long Legs And Nice Feet

I love the color peach! That is why today’s video is about me wearing high heeled peach pumps and showing off my legs. It’s not an unusual thing why men love to see a sexy girl in high heeled pumps. Women find it attractive too! But to make the feet look edible and sexy, regular pampering is essential. And because of that, I make sure not to skip my pedicure.

As you can see, I’m sitting on the couch in a short black and white printed dress with peach heels. As a feet model, today is just another day where I sit with high heels on and film a video for my fans. But the thrill of wearing a sexy dress and high heeled pumps is quite a special feeling! 

I hope you agree too that my skin tone looks very flattering on the color of the pumps. I chose these shoes mainly for this video because I want my legs to look slender and sexy. As the camera zooms in on my feet, you can see my pink heels and smooth legs. Do you like to watch a sexy girl in high heeled pumps walking around the house? I like doing so because wearing heels makes me feel gorgeous and sexy any day. You will see that I am wearing white nail polish when I take my left foot off the pumps to show you my toes.In the end part of the video, I’m sitting on the couch and relaxing my feet so that you can see more of my pretty heels. I made this whole ten minute-video to show off my long beautiful legs and feet. I hope you enjoyed watching it. If you want to watch more, you can check out the other videos we have here.