Girl With Sexy Feet Walks In High Heels, Shows Her Toes And Soles

I’m feeling extra foxy today trying on my favorite pairs of high heels. I just love the way they make my feet arch in all the right ways. In this video, watch me strut in my high heels and denim shorts, looking all sexy for a hot ten minutes. I’m giving my immaculately pedicured feet and super-toned light caramel limbs the exposure they deserve, and it feels oh so blissful. I’ve had my back straps removed so that you get to see my shapely, smooth heels better. Watch me be that girl with sexy feet as I tiptoe in my heels and walk around my room. You’ll be able to see my feet from all angles as I make slow twirls close to the camera. 

If you want to take a good close look at my toes and soles, I’ve got you. Watch me slide off my heels and expose my clean pink soles to the camera. I also click the soles of my feet against the soles of my heels now and then. I just find it so very satisfying! I love the way my feet look today. I just had them manicured and put on a fresh coat of white nail polish on my toes. My toes painted white look so gorgeous against the shiny black and blue straps of my heels, and I’m sure you won’t disagree. After a nice slow stroll, I’ll sit on my soft tiger-print stool. I’ll work the arch of my feet till you can see the tension build with a bit of nerve showing. I’ll then slip off my high heels, tiptoeing towards the camera. Before we bid adieu, I’ll twirl around slowly so you can take a good look at my soft pink soles. Oh boy, is it really the best feeling to own being a girl with sexy feet!